The PriPA (Privacy Preserving Analytics) Extension is a digital tool designed for anyone to use on their personal computer. It safely retrieves information about individual language use for analysis. The advantage of this browser extension is that users have full control over what information they want to share.

Research carried out on the Coronavirus Discourses project using the PriPA extension will improve understanding of the trajectories of public health messages. Our work will further inform our investigation of the reception and evaluation of public health messaging and related measures which are of key concerns to our project partners Public Health England, Public Health Wales, and NHS Education for Scotland.

In the future, the PriPA extension can be used as the basis for other studies investigating a whole range of topics that would benefit from gathering insights from browsing activities and private communications in a privacy-preserving way.

You can read more about PriPA here.

We are not currently recruiting participants to take part in Coronavirus Discourses studies using PriPA. Please enter your email here to sign up for our mailing list if you would like to be notified of studies as they become available.